GDPR status: failed

I recently received a letter in my mailbox. It was sent to our address, but to someone who lived there before us, and we moved in five years ago. To make matters worse, it was sent by a private hospital and seemed to have some weight. How does this happen a year after GDPR? I […]

Using Azure Functions for Power BI REST API

Microsoft have just announced support for PowerShell in Azure functions runtime 2. The examples I have shown here earlier used the experimental support in runtime 1. This blogpost will show how to use Azure Functions runtime 2 with PowerShell and KeyVault to use the Power BI REST API. Related posts:Connecting Azure Functions to Key VaultRefresh […]

Connecting Azure Functions to Key Vault

Azure Functions is really nice when you want to run some code, and this post shows how to connect your Function to Key Vault so that you don’t have to store secrets in your Azure Function. In this example I’ll be using PowerShell and with that runtime version 1 of Azure Functions. Next, you can […]

Calling Azure Functions from Data Factory with authentication

Azure Functions is a great way to do the things Data Factory can’t. In this example I want to use it to get a Oauth token from Strava, and I want all my secret stuff to be stored in Azure Key Vault. Data Factory can’t lookup values in the Key Vault and build a header […]

Do you want your reports available for anyone?

Here is a security tip to check before you go home for the weekend. Can you do this for reports in Power BI? Publishing to web can be a great feature. One example from NVE (the Norwegian Water Resources and Energi Directorate, or Norges Vassdrags- og Energidirektorat) have published open statistics on water leves of […]