Data Driven Disease Damage Control – Speaking at Pass Data Community Summit

Next week I will return to Seattle and the Pass Data Community Summit, and return to the stage to present a session on how we at NHO, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises, worked with data during the Covid pandemic. This have been a lot of work and is why my blog have been inactive for quite some time, but hopefully that will improve going forward. My session abstract is;

Becoming data driven is not just a buzzword term, it can really make a difference! The Covid-19 pandemic put businesses worldwide in a struggle to survive. This was the same in Norway. We in the NHO (the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) turned to data to help the Norwegian enterprises weather the crisis. Join me to learn how we established data collection from thousands of enterprises and used this to influence government support packages, generate hundreds of media articles and work closely with the Norwegian government to avoid bankruptcy for our members.

Our work helped understand and explain the business consequences of the pandemic and was widely used, both internally and directly with the government. We also made it publicly available for everyone. We used our azure data platform to prepare data from various sources and present this both through Power BI for reporting and Datawrapper for visuals online. This session will both show how we have built our data platform and how we collected new data sources as they became available through the pandemic, and how all this was presented.

You can register for Pass Summit in-person or online at to either watch me or any of the other sessions. I also have a pre-recorded lightning talk on comparing Power BI and Datawrapper for presenting data online.

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